Lately I've been trying to reduce noise in my desktop PC, but the knock on effect of this has been at the expense of cooling performance. I'm also bored of the case (which looks pretty grubby now) and the system colours as well as being fed up with the mess of cables inside (no cable management back then). As the case and complete water loop are in their 6th year of use the've had a good run and it's time for a change.

Initially I've decided against pulling my brand new GTX 670 card apart to add a water block to it, it also runs very quietly anyway. For now I'll cool the CPU and Aquaero fan controller with water, with a nice big rad that can support a GPU later and run fans at lower RPM and noise. I'm sticking with BitFenix fans because they look great and don't make too much noise and a bay res with integrated pump to save space.

Parts list

Corsair 800D full tower case

Corsair 800D

Cooling components

Water Cooling Parts

XSPC RX360 radiator


XSPC twin D5 dual bay reservoir

XSPC Reservoir

Aqua Computer D5 pumps with USB/Aquabus

Aquacomputer D5s

EK Supremacy CPU block

EK Supremacy

Aquaero 5 block

Aquaero Waterblock

Aqua Computer inline temperature sensors

Inline temperature sensors

1/2" ID compression fittings and various other G1/4" fittings


Mayhems X1 red fluid

Mayhem X1