My name is Phil Bayfield

I'm a software engineer based near London, United Kingdom. I like solving problems with code.

Noteworthy achievements

  • Over the years I've worked on web and mobile projects for many well known brands such as Virgin, Argos, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Experian and Miniclip.
  • In 2010 I started working in the Google Go language and wrote the GoMySQL client library. It was one of the top Go libraries for a long time prior to the release of the Go database package.
  • Between 1999 and 2004 I attended university where I learned some old programming languages like C and Smalltalk. I was more interested in programming for the web so I taught myself ASP, PHP and how to use MySQL. I started building dynamic websites for small companies to help fund my social life.
  • As a teenager during the 1990's I discovered the internet and ran up huge phone bills with my 28.8K modem. I discovered HTML and the wonders of Comic Sans.
  • As a child during the 1980's I discovered BASIC and wrote some awesome games using custom 8 bit ASCII characters on a BBC B. Unfortunately my parents threw it out.