An open source offline editor for the Ghost blogging software.

The app is under active development, but also being used as a test bed for new features from Android 5.0 Lollipop and Google's material design so no release date is currently set. The app is nearing feature completeness and I am hoping to push a release to Google Play in the coming weeks.

Contributions to the project are welcome, please contact me to discuss if you're interested.

Features and progress

This is a high level view of the main features and current progress and is very likely to change.

  • Implement Ghost API [COMPLETE]
  • Login to multiple blogs [COMPLETE]
  • Sync data to the device for offline usage [COMPLETE]
  • Sync changes from the device to the server [COMPLETE]
  • Navigation and account switching [COMPLETE]
  • Display list of posts and pages on a blog [COMPLETE]
  • Markdown rich text editor [COMPLETE]
  • HTML viewer [COMPLETE]
  • Image upload [NOT STARTED]
  • App settings [COMPLETE]
  • Tablet layouts [NOT STARTED]
  • Conflict resolution [IN PROGRESS]

Building the project

The latest version of Android Studio (1.1) is recommended. Checked in version of code should build and run, but is not guaranteed complete or bug free at this stage.

Target devices

Should work on all devices from Honeycomb 3.0 upwards. Originally also supporting Gingerbread, this has been pulled for now due to bugs.

Third party libraries


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